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Universal design, Sustainable Landscaping and Green Building - What a Beaut!

Universal building design with green building and sustainable landscaping all using new generation water features.

Are electricians the next hot profession = Energy Contractors

Commercial Building Energy Use Reporting Is Coming! Green building has been ramped up mostly as a voluntary choice -- market and politically motivated.

Has LEED Hit It's Limit?

Factors Show Satisfaction with Office Building Occupancy It's interesting how we take for granted the functionality of a building.  It keeps us warm and dry, right?  Well, when you look closer, you discover that buildings are much more functional than weather shields.  Here is a list of "general satisfaction" factors for an office building survey that are worth considering when you evaluate a building's "value".

Innovation Note: Opportunities in the Environment & Water Sector

Green Building in China and Asian Markets Green Building in China

Integrated Green Construction Code for Commercial Buildings - March 2010 Debut

Functional Obsolescence and Cost to Cure Energy Inefficient Buildings Scott Muldavin is executive director of the Green Building Finance Consortium.

Strategies to Reduce Energy Use to 20% of Today's Levels Government leaders are projecting the need to reduce building energy use 80% by 2050 to reduce emissions and global climate change. That's a very tall order.

2009 Green Building Market & Impact Report According to the 2009 Green Building Market & Impact Report, the green building sector has maintained constant growth throughout 2009 despite a coarse year for the construction market, which has essentially terminated subdivision expansion.

Green Real Estate Law Journal Green Real Estate Law Journal covers emerging legal issues associated with green building and real estate.

Green building insurance "Standard Coverage Option" for Commecial Property Owners

International Green Construction Code "IGCC: Safe and Sustainable by the Book" initiative to develop green construction guidelines for commercial buildings.

Certifiers for Green and Environmental Products

List of Contractors Trade Associations Trade associations provide a variety of best practices information such as conferences, newsletters, websites and networking meetings.  Here are some of the many trade associations for building contractors.

Commissioning Building Systems for Optimal Functioning Commissioning is a rigorous quality assurance program administered by a knowledgeable third party who ensures that the building systems perform as expected.

Green During Construction Phase Green C&D during construction phase can reduce tipping fees for contractors, as well as reduce landfill problems for communities, and return recyclable materials to the supply chain. This provides leverage for companies, communities and the environment.

Green...NOT US...we're just naturally greedy and nonsensical! I love this comment on a blog:

Efficiency First trade association to promote benefits of Home Performance retrofitting GOAL:  6 million new green-collar jobs.

New Green Homes Course and Educational Set Now Available For College Educators Understand how green homes work with a book, video, and educational tour of a LEED Silver home.

Stormwater Management for Greener Buildings

Waste Management of Wastewater and Stormwater in Healthcare EPA provides waste management strategies for wastewater and stormwater in healthcare.

Managing C&D Debris Containing Hazardous Material Work with a certified vendor to manage lead or PCB waste materials as they are encountered during renovations.

Grants for energy efficiency in the HUD-assisted, project-based, multifamily stock.

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), HUD was granted authority to provide $250 million in grants and loans and other assistance to increase energy efficiency in the HUD-assisted, project-based, multifamily stock.

Higher Rents, Greater Occupancy Rates, Lower Operating Expenses for ENERGY STAR Buildings

Useful Energy Efficiency Links For Residential Construction

Green Plumbers Retrofit Water Conservation for Buildings Mary Jean Anderson is a mother, a grandmother ... and the owner and president of Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air in San Diego, California. Her company, which now incorporates Walter Anderson Plumbing, Anderson One Hour Heating & Air, Air Best, and a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise, has been in business for 30 years. Now, Anderson has become a licensed GreenPlumber.

GSA Award Recognizes Recycling, Affirmative Procurement & Waste Reduction Efforts GSA's Evergreen Award program was developed in 1998 to support the Federal Government's environmental initiatives and assist GSA's customers in identifying environmentally preferable products.

Traditional Lawns and Green Buildings -- Water Smart Landscaping California is a "Southwestern state", and the American Southwest is known for it's drought conditions, deserts and low water supplies.  However, many Californians are transplants from the East and South...and they bring with them a love of green lawns, trees that are native to the Mississippi Valley and the timbered states of the upper east coast.  

Edited by Carolyn Allen, Managing Editor of Solutions For Green

Publication Date: 1/1/2010


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