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Remodeling for Waste Management

Remodeling homes and commercial buildings for waste management includes solid waste systems, water runoff, energy efficiency, soil conservation and sustainable use of all precious resources.

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How to Use Used Building Materials Effectively

Savings ALWAYS start with a plan.  Remember the A-Team slogan "I love it when a plan comes together!" ?  You can make that your mantra when you decide to work with used building materials...and you'll come out the winner.

Use Recycled Content for Beautiful Outdoor Benches

"Over the past couple years I've been developing a public seating program with the City of Manhattan Beach, as a result of winning an artists' competition initiated by their Cultural Arts Committee. Their objective was to find designs for a series of beach/strand furnishings that are to be site-specific, recyclable, and suited for long-term use," explains the designer, Stacy Dukes of Santa Ana, CA.

Universal design, Sustainable Landscaping and Green Building - What a Beaut!

Universal building design with green building and sustainable landscaping all using new generation water features.

Waste Management of Wastewater and Stormwater in Healthcare

EPA provides waste management strategies for wastewater and stormwater in healthcare.

Managing C&D Debris Containing Hazardous Material

Work with a certified vendor to manage lead or PCB waste materials as they are encountered during renovations.

Handling Universal Waste in Healthcare Buildings

Handling universal waste in healthcare buildings through recycling and reduction can provide environmental and cost containment. That's leverage!

Construction and demolition wastes (C&D) in healthcare buildings

It's easy to tear down a building and haul everything to the landfill. But that also creates an environmental problem that lasts for hundreds of years and creates methane and other greenhouse gases that affect the very community that developers, construction teams and construction professionals are trying to make better!

Remodeling the Wastewater Stream for Energy Recovery

"Recycled water is a new energy source," said Grant Davis, assistant general manager of the Sonoma County Water Agency. "Water and wastewater that you'd normally have to treat and dispose of will become the source for heating and cooling."

Septic Tank Systems for Waste Management Remodeling Value

Treatment of Human Waste
Safe, sanitary, nuisance-free disposal of wastewater is a public health priority in all population groups, small and large, rural or urban. Wastewater should be disposed of in a manner that ensures that
  • community or private drinking water supplies are not threatened;
  • direct human exposure is not possible;
  • waste is inaccessible to vectors, insects, rodents, or other possible carriers;
  • all environmental laws and regulations are complied with; and
  • odor or aesthetic nuisances are not created.
There are various processes for accomplishing this:
  • Centralized treatment—Publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) that use primary (physical) treatment and secondary (biologic) treatment on a large scale to treat flows of up to millions of gallons or liters per day,
  • Treatment on-site—Septic tanks and absorption fields or variations thereof, and
  • Stabilization ponds (lagoons)—Centralized treatment for populations of 10,000 or less when soil conditions are marginal and land space is ample.
Septic Tank Systems
Approximately 21% of American homes are served by on-site sewage disposal systems. Of these, 95% are septic tank field systems. Septic tank systems are used as a means of on-site wastewater treatment in many homes, both in rural and urban areas, in the United States. If maintained and operated within acceptable parameters, they are capable of properly treating wastewater for a limited number of years and will need both routine maintenance and eventually major repairs.

Lighting Fixture Companies

Lighting fixture companies can provide energy efficient lighting technologies and can provide information as well as products to reduce lighting costs.

Green Building & Remodeling

Green Building & Remodeling of houses, commercial office buildings and industrial buildings can save energy, reduce climate change and save operational costs. Green solutions can reduce operational impact to "net zero".

Green for Homes

Indoor air quality and energy efficiency are the cornerstones of green homes with reduced pollution, reduced energy use, low water consumption and healthier materials to improve quality of life and lower impact on community resources.

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Waste Management of Wastewater and Stormwater in Healthcare

Construction and demolition wastes (C&D) in healthcare buildings

Remodeling the Wastewater Stream for Energy Recovery


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